Dec 12, 2012

Thanks Tom,
I appreciate the outstanding customer service, and to top it off the package did arrive today! amazingly fast, totally worth the extra $5
to give you some feedback, I decided to buy the Scangauge because I've always wanted to have one to play with, to monitor fuel consumption. when my dealer wanted to charge me 210$ + tax for a diagnostic on a check engine light, I decided to buy the Scangauge instead, to see if I could read the codes and get an idea of the severity of the problem. (since the car seems to drive fine)
I'm a diy'er and i think it's a useful investment
Thanks again!

Vancouver, BC

Mar 26, 2012


Bonjour Mr Gifford ,


Pour commencer j'aimerais vous dire que je suis très satisfait de l'efficacité et de la rapidité avec laquelle vous avez traité ma commande .


Je me suis procuré Le Scangauge pour les multitudes de données qu'il fournit et aussi pour son coté compact sans oublié qu'on peut le brancher aussi bien sur le coté qu'à l'arrière , tout cela pour dire que je ne peut plus m'en passer !





Martin A

Feb 16, 2012

Hi Tom,

Wow, thanks for the great service! I have already got my refund through Paypal for the ScanGauge E [and will keep the Scangauge II]. 
Seriously, I have not had that quality of service in a long time.

Everything was friendly, easy and fast, and you have the best prices too. I don't know of any store who would have dealt with my last-minute change that easy when ordering, given me a try period for the product, communicated quickly and clearly in a very friendly manner, and refunded so fast. It is nice to see that we can still do business with people like you, and if I hear anyone looking for a ScanGauge, you can be sure they'll order it from Gifford Automotive. 

Too bad I'm far from Ottawa, otherwise I'd get my car fixed at your place too! 
Thanks again, and have a great day!

Martin G
Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC

Jan 22, 2012


Hi Tom,


We ordered a ScanGauge”E” on the internet from you before Christmas.  The service experience is better than we have ever had with online purchases.  One of your mechanics was passing by our house later that day and dropped it off.  Amazing.  We are so impressed.


The longest part of the install was in determining where to mount it on our dashboard.  It is truly a plug and play device, with only minimal effort to set a small number of vehicle characteristics in the settings menu.  It is now mounted and we absolutely love the device.


Thanks for a great experience,


Nepean, ON

Dec 21, 2011

Hi Tom,

I have been using my Scangauge for a few days now and I can say that I am very satisfied with the product.

I have a Ford F350 diesel truck and have programmed many of the X Gauge options for my vehicle.

It is a very informative tool for sure.

The information I am now getting has been most helpful in determining the overall condition and function of the engine and its related components.

I wish I had installed one a couple of years ago.

With over 370,000 KM's on my truck and counting I will now be able to diagnose any problems as they may occur. Additionally now that I will be able to monitor vital engine functions such as oil temperature, coolant temperature, and transmission temperature in real time I will know when to get off the gas when hauling loads especially on hot summer days. 

More people should know about this product.

Super easy installation that took about an hour including programming time. 

Thanks for the speedy one day cross country delivery.


Ron B.
Calgary AB

Aug 29, 2011




I bought a Scangauge II from you in spring of 2011, and just wanted to report that I really enjoy it. As you may be aware the stock gauges in my Miata are like idiot lights. The Scangauge is digitally precise – to the degree! I display my intake air temperature, water temperature, and fuel consumption. Also it’s always available for the dreaded computer codes.


A great piece of machinery.





Pointe-Claire, Qc.

Aug 24, 2011

Hi Tom,
I received the Scangauge on Friday.  Thanks for the prompt service!    I have installed the Scangauge II in my 2011 GMC Acadia and am very happy with the results thus far.  I like knowing my fuel economy and the gauge is doing just that and more, as this feature wasn't available in the vehicle from the factory.  
I didn't even know the Scangauge II was available until I did a search on google to find out what was available since my new vehicle wasn't equipped with the info and my previous vehicle was.  I found your website listed and I'd rather buy from a Canadian company when possible.
Thanks again for everything,

Helen L.
Trenton, NS

Aug 23, 2011




Wow, I got my Scangauge today, and you only sent it Friday afternoon.   Who ever said Canada post was slow?


I already have the cable hidden behind the dash, and the gauge installed (in a Eurovan dash there’s a little alcove that is exactly the same height as the Scangauge, so it just slides snugly into the alcove)


I set the XGauge setting to  measure TFT.   Works great! 




Gary L
Delta, BC

Aug 16, 2011

Hey Tom!

Sorry for the late reply but I have been really enjoying my Scangauge II!!
I learned about the Scangauge on the forums... Not a lot of them around there, but a few in some nice build threads that caught my eye. It took a little research to find out what the Scangauge was, but well worth the effort. 
It also took a little bit to find you as a Canadian distributor, but I always like to shop at home whenever possible, again, worth the effort. 
Everything has worked flawlessly from the install except for my second fill up calibration. I must have managed to hit the button to move to the next field as I was entering the litres and now appear to have to recalibrate to fix things up. No worries at all!  But it is fun to watch all the live info!
It was a very quick, easy process to order through you and I will be sending more people your way!
Thanks so much!!

Steve K.
Windsor, NS

April 17, 2011 


Merci pôur votre sevice personaliser  ,tres rapide  je suis tres satisfait    ,merci ,


Clement p

Louisville, QC

April 13, 2011

Hi Tom

I discovered Scangauge by doing a Google search for OBD2 scanners. This lead me to the US Scangauge site. Then I did a search for Scangauge Canada and arrived at your site.

I am very pleased with my Scan Gauge. It performs flawlessly and was very easy to install and setup for my car.

I am also very happy with your excellent service and prompt delivery.

Thanks for helping me improve my driving performance.

Mike D
Halifax, NS

April 5, 2011

Hi Tom,

Well as it turned out the Scangauge II I purchased yesterday arrived at 11:15 am today, not as I expected tomorrow at the soonest!       Wow, fantastic service!
Your customer service is beyond reproach. Hard to believe that a company actually has stock to be shipped immediately!
Again Tom, thank you and Canada Post for the fine service and a great product which I have installed and so far working as advertised.
If you ever have another product that I would care to buy, I would not hesitate to to purchase it from you in a heartbeat.
Wishing you and Gifford Automotive all the best,
St. Albert, AB

March 15, 2011

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick order processing - just like the testimonials!

Here is how I heard about the scanguage - I saw it on the Bean Garage website [while looking for Clazzio seatcovers for my 2006 Pontiac Vibe, which is really a Toyota Matrix made in California instead of Ontario].  I googled some more, and your website popped up.  I read the testimonials, was impressed by having the manual available online [great to review before taking the plunge and placing an order] and then clicked the paypal button.

I really like the idea of the scanguage - having a code scanner, digital instrumentation and a fuel economy gauge.


Stratford, PEI

March 10, 2011

Thanks for the fast shipping and great service.  I decided to buy from your site because your prices were very honest and fair as you properly take into account the actual us exchange rates and appropriately adjust your prices unlike a lot of other Canadian retailers that I refuse to purchase from.  Because you are ahead of the game here in Canada I chose to buy from you instead of the U.S sellers I am usually forced to purchase from.  Maybe you should also give our Canadian car dealers a lesson and have them finally adjust their prices accordingly too.  Thanks again for the great service.
Montreal, QC

Mar 6, 2011

Great product, put it to the test friday night on a trip from MTL to ottawa. I've since discovered on the highway my 3.8L grand prix gets similar mileage to my ecotec cavalier (city is another story and I won't go there haha)
Thanks again, I don't know why I held off on the purchase.

Chateauguay, QC


March 4, 2011

Hey Tom,

I'm very pleased with the ScanGuageII, it tells me everything I need to know and works great right out of the box.

As previous testimonials have mentioned, you must have pull at Canada Post. 
I placed my order with you mid-afternoon and had the part the very next morning.

I like the way you do business Tom.

Dirk in Calgary

Feb 24, 2011

Hello Tom,

Thank you very much for your email today - talk about excellent customer service!
I decided it was time to pick up a Scangauge (given what is happening right now with the price of oil, due to conditions in the Middle East...) and when possible, I try to buy from Canadian companies - to keep Canadian dollars in the pockets of Canadians, of course.

I was impressed with the testimonials on your web site, since it is obvious to me that you value your customers.

You're technically also "local" to me since I live in Deep River, so buying locally made it even better.
Thanks once again for your excellent service today - I look forward to receiving the Scangauge.

Have a great day - Brett

Deep River, ON

Feb 12, 2011

Hi Tom,

I was reading reviews of another product for VW's that is available to read/clear codes, and started looking at the ScanGauge again. I had looked at it before, but didn't need it at the time. My car is now a bit older so I have a greater need to scan codes. I also really like the fuel consumption readouts.

Buying from your site was easy, convenient, and quick.

Thanks for the great service.

Toronto, On


Jan 27, 2011

Hi Tom,

The Scanguage arrived today! Very impressive service. I found your site on an internet search and when it said same day shipping, free, I decided to buy from you. Not only did you send out my order immediately but Canada Post delivered it today. I will tell my friends about you. 
Actually my new car doesn't arrive until next week so it will give me time to read the manual. I'm assuming it will work; it's a new Toyota FJ Cruiser. The Scanguage was suggested in a book I have and I'm  hoping it can help me with fuel consumption since the FJ takes premium gas and has a big engine. 
So that's the story. Thanks for your great service! 
Montreal, QC


Dec 16, 2010

Thanks Tom for your excellent service.

It is good to know someone in Canada is carrying these things. Normally I would have to deal with US to purchase, but this makes it so much easier, especially since your price is very comparable to US. Normally I find anyone in Canada who carries items from the states, are usually much higher than US, so it is not feasible to buy here and always cheaper to purchase in US. But you guys have a good price and a good delivery system.

Thank you.

London, ON


Dec 10, 2010

Hi Tom.
   Thank you very much for sending out my Scanguage so quickly. I had it in my hand's by 8A.M. the next day. It's in my van and working perfect.

A friend of my has one of the first one's that came out about 8 Year's ago and is still working great.

When I had trouble with my van a couple of week's ago I figured it would be a good item to have.

Anyway, thank's again and hope you have a Merry Xmas.  

Belleville, ON


Oct 14, 2010

Good Afternoon Tom:

I ordered my Scan Gauge yesterday afternoon about 3:00PM my time. I received it with this morning's mail in Ste Anne Manitoba.

Now, I'm in a quandary as I don't know who to give the kudos to - yourself or Canada Post.

I guess it'll be you - Thanks for the great service.

I was telling a friend about it [the quick delivery] as he'd ordered one a few years back from Arizona & he couldn't believe it. This friend was the one that recommended your product.

Thanks again ............Don
Ste Anne, Manitoba

July 14, 2010

Hello Tom,
I have just received my scan gauge 2 and I must say it is awesome!
I am pretty impressed that I received the unit so quickly,
You have awesome customer support!
I decides to buy from your company based off a couple message board posts saying how easy the buying experience was.
Thanks for everything,

Brendon S.
Saskatoon, SK


July 8, 2010


I received the scangauge today. Took a good five minutes out of my day to install it. 

I haven't played with all the features yet, but it seems to perform as advertised -- at least with respect to reading/clearing codes and basic readings. 

Thanks for the prompt shipping. 

Your product was highly recommended by several people on online Subaru forums and I can see why. 

I bought it for the code capabilities but am happy that it won't just sit on a shelf the rest of the time and can provide me with mpg readings etc.


Cayuga, ON

May 5, 2010

Hey Tom,

Up and working, you can see Trans Fluid Temperature  (TFT) in upper right corner.  I have it mounted on dash just above the OBD11 point, excess cable coiled up in fuse panel just beside the OBD11 and cable can be pushed into the rubber molding.  Nice and neat and easy to remove.


Other picture is why I wanted to monitor TFT. 

Gas mileage sucks when towing, 11-13 mpg, so I really do not want to see it :))
Burlington, ON

Apr 16, 2010

Hello Tom. 

I have been looking at this [Scangauge] for a while now and decided since it my wife's birthday at the end of the month I better hurry up and order it. 

Well it already arrived, you must have pull with Canada Post.

Haven't tried it out yet, but if it is anything like the prompt delivery i'm sure she'll love it.


Moose Jaw, SK

March 26, 2010

Hi Tom,

Just as a followup, I wanted to send a quick message and let you know that I'm impressed with the Scanguage. 

I was able to program in several different x guage functions and I'm still experimenting to see which ones are actually most useful to me. 

So far I've settled on air/fuel ratio, instant and avg fuel mileage and trans temp.  I tried to do oil pressure but my truck doesn't seem to support that. 

One of my co-workers was impressed with it as well and will be ordering one this weekend.  

Thanks again,

New Liskeard, Ontario

Feb 2, 2010

Greetings Tom,

As promised, I received the Scangauge on Monday. Thank you for your excellent service and speedy delivery. I was somewhat hesitant to order online but it is dealers such as yourself that help to put my mind at ease! Thanks again and I look forward to installing the Scangauge soon.


- Cohen
Guelph, ON

Dec 14, 2009

Hi Tom!

Well this item is for a Christmas gift to someone who's researched into the product. Basically he gave me the specs, I put it into Google, and you happen to be at the top of the list! I didn't have to actually call to order, and the shopping cart area appeared to be an easy route, so I jumped on it. :) I would definitely recommend your site to anyone interested in the product!

Thanks for the speedy service!! =D

Moose Jaw, SK

Nov 30, 2009

Hi Tom! 

     Thanks for your super quick service.  I had been researching the Scangauge II for a little while, and like most people i'm sure, was planning to order from the states. But through a couple discussions in separate forums, your site came up.  Your customer service was a huge selling point, as was your timely shipping, and honestly, the cost was hard to beat.  If the Scangauge works out as well as i think it will, I'll be letting all the gearheads around me know about my experience.  I know my brother is already next in line.  Thanks for your speedy service, the personal touch is very much appreciated!

Very Best Regards,

Nanaimo BC

Aug 15, 2009

Mr. Gifford:  

Thank you for your very prompt response to my order.  I received my Scangauge in less than a week from my order date  I am impressed with the speed of your response and the quality of the Scangauge and its packaging.  I had earlier reviewed your website and downloaded the Operations Manual.  I found the equipment easy to setup and operate.  

I don't usually provide a comment to suppliers of items I have purchased but in this case I feel one is warranted to confirm a very positive experience.

My particular application is for a 2006 Ford Ranger and everything worked very well.  I became aware of the Scangauge product from an article in Car and Driver and I located your firm from the links on the Scangauge website.

Sechelt, B.C

Aug 11, 2009

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much; I received the tracking # from Canada Post as mentioned in your email.

I must say that I am very impressed and pleased with the quick turn around on my order (only 2 hours wow). The reasons I chose to buy from Scangauge Canada/Gifford Automotive are

  1. Your online store was very easy to find using a simple Google search for Scangauge
  2. Being from Canada I feel it’s always good to support Canadian businesses
  3. Buying from within Canada is always hassle free... no excessive shipping rates and other fees associated with buying from the USA

Once again, thank you so much for operating a company that is so prompt and easy to deal with!!

Sackville, NB

June 5, 2009

Hi Tom,

I just took delivery of a 2009 Hyundai Accent and lo and behold they have deleted the water temperature gauge from the standard instrumentation that was previously on the 2008 model. It has been replaced by an high temp warning light otherwise known as an “idiot light” that really won’t give you any warning of a potential problem until it’s already too late ! I guess this was prompted as a silly cost cutting measure by the powers that be at Hyundai. I read about this issue on the Hyundai forums and several of the members highly recommended getting a Scangauge that would not only replace the missing water temp gauge but also give me the ability to display many other engine functions as well.

I went to the Scangauge site and found your company as being the closest Canadian distributor to the Montreal area and from there to your site, where I read nothing but glowing praise for your pricing and customer service. I should mention that I have been in the automotive business for about 35 years, and to me, customer satisfaction ranks very high as a deciding factor when choosing a vendor of a product.

Obviously you have worked very hard to earn the praise of your clients, and your prompt and courteous handling of my order only reinforces this. In addition, I believe in supporting Canadian businesses as I know only too well the frustration we all feel about the current trend of cross-border shopping which does nothing but damage our local economies.

I look forward to using the Scangauge and I am sure that I will find it to my satisfaction.

Best Regards,

Pincourt, QC

June 3, 2009

Thank You Tom.

Wow what great customer service!

I am impressed as I am very used to not getting the greatest service these days

I have read about this product on forums online and thought what a good idea it looked like.

I have a MIL light on my VW and have been looking for a OBD2 reader to read my codes so I don't have to pay an arm and a leg to diagnose the issue.

I love the idea of the other usages (economy savings would be great!) for this product and it not only being for scanning codes. I look forward to seeing how this works.

I purchased through you as your testimonials are amazing, you are a Canadian company, and free shipping is a big plus (yet another thing you do not see often).

Drumheller, Alberta

May 24, 2009

I received the unit on Thursday (a day ahead of schedule...go figure...chalk one up for Canada Post).  

The unit is simple enough to operate and is just what I expected.

I most definitely can't complain about our transaction, swift and without a problem (which is refreshing in today's retail market).


Geraldton, ON

May 22, 2009

Hi Tom, got the ScanGauge Wednesday morning and I'm loving it so far.

It was a breeze to install and it works without a problem so far.

Thanks for the fast service and the fuel I'll save.

Kitchener, ON

April 8, 2009

Received my Scangauge this morning (less than 40 hours after ordering! Thanks!).

Totally impressed with the service, and the device itself.

Installed and mounted in less than 15 minutes over my lunch hour.

I'll try and take some pictures once I make sure it's where I want to keep it.

Thanks again;

New Brunswick

March 12, 2009

Hi Tom, thanks very much for your fast overnight service, the Scan Gauge is as you described, easy to install and is a brilliant little unit for those who don't have an on board cpu for various functions and in my case the temperature gauge and fuel consumption.

Thanks again and look forward to dealing with you in the future.


Adil W.

Pickering Ontario

Feb 27, 2009

Hi Tom!

As of now all I can say is WOW! Very Fast Service and Response! Already been shipped! :) Never seen that before!

I heard about ScanGauge through various Hyundai Elantra Forums on the web and I have been suggested to look into scangauge. I found on their site your website for canada redistribution and was really happy about the price. Could not resist! :)

Also, thanks for your effort in speaking french, it's nice to see people trying. Also offering manual in french is a big plus even if I might not use it cause I have no problem with english...


Ile-Bizard, QC

Feb 26, 2009

Hi Tom, 

Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with my ScanGaugeII. It arrived the day after I ordered it, much to my delight, and was installed in my Lumina sedan 10 minutes later.

It just flat WORKS!

I understand why it takes some calibration for different vehicles, but that was relatively painless. When the Lumina died (big time, unrelated to any predictable items) I bought an Aveo and moved the ScanGaugeII to that. Recalibrated it in a few days and it’s still going strong. I’ve recommended it to anyone who would listen and would certainly purchase another if this one ever dies or gets stolen.

 Thanks for the great service and the great product,

 Bob Pearson

PageCraft Communications

February 5th, 2009

Dear Tom,

I've been impressed by the speed of your service: my Scangauge arrived in Langley BC in less than 48 hours [ordered 9 pm Monday and delivered Wed morning].

I installed the device on my Grand Vitara without any problems and used [it] for my daily commute for the first time -- I already see the savings: from ~11L/100 km to about ~8.5L/100 km (I still have to wait for the next tank to calibrate and improve the accuracy)

Being a member of group I knew about the Scangauge; I also drive a Honda Civic Hybrid and I know the advantages of being able to follow the fuel consumption in real time; when I bought that car, initially, I wasn’t able to get less than 5.5L/100km but after a bit of training and getting used to keeping an eye on the gas I was able to see 3.5L/100 km last summer (my personal “best commute”).

After my first day with the Scangauge I must admit that this instrument is fantastic -- it provides a lot more than the fuel economy -- it is a “window” into the guts of the vehicle. 

I wish you good luck with your business and, please, keep promoting products that will help us to become more aware of the way we drive and, why not, maybe electrical cars one day!!!

 Thank you,

Langley BC

Jan 24, 2009

Hi Tom

Read all testimonials and was a little sceptical in the shipping---well I'm a believer.

Ordered -delivered and installed and working in under 24 hours. Wow

Thanks great service great product.

Dennis in Brockville

P.S.   Takes way longer to send a letter across town.

Dec 29, 2008

Dear Tom:

Your package arrived the NEXT day (i.e in less than 24 hours after ordering), and was left in the mail box as requested.

I think you run the absolute best mail order business in the country, and I hope other customers tell you this as well.

I wish you continued good fortune in 2009.

Cheers, Owen
Toronto, On

Oct 1, 2008

Hi Tom,

I received my Scangauge yesterday.

What a fast service!!Ordered Monday, received Tuesday. I'm a member and I will refer your website if someone is interested in buying a Scangauge.

It really is a great deal since the price is the same than directly from Linear Logic but the shipping is a lot easier because you are located in Canada. Thank you very much!

Candiac, Quebec

Sept 15, 2008


Just want you to know that the Gauge is fantastic!

The data is so useful and interesting...can't wait to use
it in my motor home for a big trip in the winter....

I would recommend your business any day...quality and service!


West Vancouver, BC

Aug 28, 2008


I received it today.  What great service.

It was really easy to install (once I found the socket).

It seems to be talking to my bug OK.

I’ve done my first fill-up so I guess I just have to wait to do the calibration at next fill and I’ll be off and running.

 Thanks again 

Chatham, Ontario

Aug 21, 2008

The scangauge arrived today, that was super-quick!

It was a breeze to connect to my car and pull the trouble code.

When it gets cooler tonight I'll try setting it up for the fuel economy gauges. Thanks again!

Potato :)
London, Ontario

Click here For Potato's review with pictures

Aug 2, 2008

Hi Tom,

I've had my ScanGauge for about a month and a half now......

While I'm not really a gadget guy, I have to admit that this is one very cool and useful device.

The instantaneous fuel consumption gauge is the best feature in my opinion, as it provides "real time" data.

By monitoring that gauge, and making a few simple adjustments on my driving technique alone, I've been able to reduce my fuel consumption by 18 to 20 percent.

Without changing anything else, I should be able to recover the ScanGauge price paid in just a few months because of the fuel I'm saving.

Can't wait to see what happens if I rig up a hydrogen booster.........

Best Regards,

Michael R
Montreal, Quebec

July 29, 2008

Hi Tom,

Just wanted to say thanks and WOW.... the gauge was just delivered.  

That was 24 hours from order to delivery!

Amazing service.

Jim C.
Cambridge, Ontario

July 18, 2008

Hi Tom,

The accuracy of the Scangauge is quite amazing.  At fill ups, the amount on the pump is awfully close to what the gauge shows.  And that's with different pumps, etc..

I'd have to say the LHK [Litres/100km] is pretty close to what is actually going on.  It takes a real light foot to keep those numbers low.

Regina, Saskatoon


July 16, 2008

Hi Tom,
     Man, you're not kidding are you?! I got the tracking number from Canada Post right after you sent me this notification [that you received my order]!

That's taking care of business - as opposed to these other outfits that tell you they've got to get a shipment in and then they'll get around to mailing mine out to me - in oh, say, a couple of weeks time.

That's the kind of garbage you've gotta put up with in buying a gun, not a ScanGauge 2.

Your timing's even better considering that I just got my HHO generating 6 pack tonight, so I'm all gung ho to go here.

Thanks again Tom.

Calgary, Alberta

July 4, 2008

Hi Tom 

I received my scangauge yesterday and I’m very pleased.

You give excellent services and fast shipping,

I received the package yesterday. 

I have ordered a lot of stuff on the internet and I have NEVER gotten anything that quickly.

And I approve 100% this testimonial by the previous user!

I will recommend you to all my friends.

 Thank you very much.

Chicoutimi, Quebec

June 22, 2008

WOW ! ...

I received my Scangauge and my jaw almost dropped from the extremely quick service i got from you. excellent communication by email, excellent follow up of my order (tracking # and estimated arrival without having to ask for them...).

i love the product and will tell you a little story as i feel the need to let everyone know how great your service is. I also own an 1963 Acadian Beaumont sport deluxe that I've restored from top to bottom (complete nut and bolt restoration ), I've ordered restoration parts from almost everywhere in the united states over the course of the last ten years and spent many pay checks on car parts thru mail order.

Nobody and i mean NOBODY came close to your excellent, ultra quick and efficient way to deal with mail order thru the internet. You definitely are a reference in the industry to help others improve their service.

Laval, Quebec, Canada

May 8, 2008

Hi Tom,

I received the package today. 

All I can say is wow........

I have ordered a lot of stuff on the internet and I have NEVER gotten anything that quickly.

Thanks for the fantastic service.


Grande Prairie

April 25, 2008

Thanks Tom,

As far as I know, you are the only retailer that sends this gauge internationally.

Amazon says they do, but if one goes through the order process, it says NO..

Maybe you should make it more known on your site that you do this,
now everyone is on the lookout for energy saving gadgets...


.....Seven days later.....

May 02, 2008

The gauge arrived today.  Just plugged it in.

The Kia Sorento diesel is quite happy with it and so is it's boss....




April 11, 2008

Hello Tom,

Excellent. It arrived the very next day.

My son stole it and drove off with it plugged into his car...

I hope I get it back soon!


Odessa, Ontario

April 7, 2008

"Thank you for the insanely fast shipping!!!

Got the Scangauge today (Monday), and I just ordered it on Friday. I can't believe the awesome service! Thank you very much! I put it in my Hyundai right away and enjoy monitoring my driving habits."
thanks again,

Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan

March 18, 2008

Hi tom,
"Everyone [in our performance group] Is extremely pleased with the ease of transaction and how fast you ship it out. A member commented that he ordered the unit on Friday and got it yesterday [Monday] and has it already installed in his car. " 

"Thanks again for being such a great dealer!"

Tom W.
Welland, Ontario

March 15, 2008


"I bought a Scan Gauge II off you a week ago. Remember the guy from Guelph, Called in Late Friday, you dropped it off at the post office 10 minutes later, with the spare Cable?

Anyways, I wanted to email you and thank you for the VERY Prompt service, you don't get that much anymore, and I do appreciate it. Got the unit Tuesday and

 Installed it right away, and I love it."

Guelph, ON

March 4, 2008

Hi Tom,

  "Thanks for the speedy delivery, the ScanGuage [I ordered yesterday] was waiting for me in my mailbox today. 

Installed it on my car already,"

"best toy I've bought in a while."

Cheers, Gary
Peterborough, Ontario

Feb 27, 2008

Hi Tom

"Scangauge arrived this morning, has been installed in our new Odyssey and is working great. 

Thanks for the great service and fast delivery! 

        48 hours from ordering on-line, to in the car and working.  Well done."

Brandon, Manitoba

Oct 24, 2007

"I've been reading that your [Scangauge XGauge Upgrade] turn-around time has been awesome.

I'm currently relying on my Scangauge as my speedometer since mine quit working, and I had a leak in my radiator, so I was also using it to monitor temperature."

"I'm glad I have it in my car :)"

Pointe-Claire QC

Oct 21, 2007

"I have received the ScanGauge on the 14th. It works really well. I live just north of Toronto, but I work in London Ontario. I travel back and forth every day. I have a 2004 Accord 4cyl and I had it to 6.1 liters per 100km prior to getting the ScanGauge. Now, I have adjusted my driving further and I get consistently an average consumption of 5.7 liters per 100km (highway driving). Also of interest to me was the fact that the hills demand more much more fuel consumption due to having to lift the weight of the vehicle up the slope, than the vehicle drag."

"This gadget was well worth it."
Maple, ON

Sept 13, 2007

"I'm REALLY impressed by your service.  I've received your phone call also." 

"WOW!  It's the best service I got in the last 32 years"
 (I'm 32 years old :)  )

Best regards, 

Portneuf, QC

Aug 30, 2007

"I received the gauge this morning (to my surprise - in a good way, I never expected such fast delivery!

Thank you very much for everything. I really appreciate your promptness and support.

The main reason I even came across the Scan Gauge was a site where enthusiasts are trying to achieve outstanding mileage with their Suzuki Swift clones, or even I'm hoping it will pay for itself once I'm done reducing fuel consumption on my Saturn.

I am also 100% sure Canadian customers will want to know about you and your ability to ship overnight at almost dollar for dollar US price.

It's a great tool and probably unknown, so since it's better and cheaper than the Canadian Tire scanners, I think it's got merit."

Thanks again,
Mississauga, Ontario

July 31, 2007

"thanks tom i received it this morning!!! great product!!!   thanks again!!!"

Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 24, 2007

"Lightning fast shipping and great product.   Thanks"

Laval, Quebec

July 23, 2007


"I got the scangauge I got it in two days!. 

Excellent piece of equipment, very impressive.

The best of all less than five minutes installation Guaoooo."

 Thank for all.



Kodak Graphic Communications Canada Company
Burnaby, British Columbia

June 15, 2007

"I ran across Tom Gifford's website while looking for a ScanGauge II
unit in Canada.  Emailed to ask about the product, Tom replied within

I ordered the unit on a Thursday and had it in my hands on Friday.
Tom upgraded my shipping (at no charge!) to ensure I received the
ScanGauge before the weekend.

One of the best online-purchasing experiences I've had!"

Sudbury, Ontario

May 18, 2007

"I was looking for a Canadian reseller for the ScanGaugeII product and found Gifford Automotive Inc.
They replied to my email within hours providing me with all the information I needed about the product.

I ordered the ScanGaugeII by email and within two hours, it was already shipped. I was impressed by the quick delivery when I received the package 24 hours later.

The ScanGaugeII worked perfectly as soon as I connected it. I am really happy with it.
The MPG gauge reported true values, which was the main feature I was looking for.

The design of the device is user friendly.

So I can highly recommend Gifford Automotive Inc, thanks for the very good service and good product!"

Sylvain M,
Laval, Quebec