Mounts and Cables for your ScanGauge

ScanGauge Mounts and Accessories

ScanGauge Deluxe Window Mount

The Deluxe Window Mount provides flexible mounting options for your ScanGauge, allowing you to mount the ScanGauge on the window or the dash. Fully adjustable, the mount rotates 360 degrees and allows you to adjust the viewing angle for the best visibility. The Slim-Tabâ„¢ mounting system is compatible with all ScanGauge products.


Blendmount Kit for ScanGauge

BlendMount provides a Factory-look Mount for your SGII. No Suction Cups, No Dangling Cord, and No View Obstruction. Instead, a clean mount utilizing the dead space above (or below) your Rear View Mirror.


This Kit comes complete with everything need for a Professional Install: 7' cat5e Extension Cable, InLine Coupler, Prep Pad, Dual Lock, Cable Ties & Tool Kit with extra hardware

The BlendMount kit is a custom mount that is designed to mount your ScanGauge onto the stem of your rear view mirror. BlendMount is compatible with rear view mirrors that have a cylindrical shaped stem between the mirror and the windshield.

ScanGauge Cables
(as extras or replacement)

Scanguage Cable — Extra

Order as a replacement or as an extra 6ft Cable to go along with your ScanGaugeII or ScanGaugeE. Use the extra cable to make it easy to move your ScanGauge from one vehicle to another without having to re-route your existing cable.

Daisy Chain Cable

You can run multiple ScanGauge units inline by daisy chaining them together. Daisy chain a ScanGaugeII with a ScanGaugeE for the ultimate in vehicle performance and fuel efficiency monitoring. It's easy with a 4in ScanGauge Daisy Chain cable.


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